Join the "MSC Team" by working for Milwaukee Social Club!
We are currently seeking active, creative, energetic types to help MSC continue to grow and offer the most enjoyable sports leagues and activities in Milwaukee.

Part-time Positions: A regular weekly schedule
based on the season and can include 2-20 hours per week.
Spare-time Positions: Much more flexible than part-time.
Schedule may vary week-to-week and might just include
work based on specific activities.

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Available Positions

Referees / Umpires / League Supervisors
League / Tournament Coordinators and Directors
Event Coordinator and Operations Team
Administrative Assistance / General Office
Marketing and Promotions
Advertising and Sponsorship Sales
Membership and Recruitment
Accounting and Bookkeeping

Referees / Umpires / League Supervisors

With four seasons of sports leagues going year-round, MSC is almost always looking to add to our referee crew. Sports vary by the season. Please see the League Info page for info on which sports are available each season.

Ideal candidates should have any combination of the following:
* Officiating experience in a particular sport (certification good but not necessary)
* Playing experience in any organized school or adult sports league. (i.e., intramurals,
MPS, or bar-rec league)
* Vast knowledge of particular sport (i.e., an avid fan).
* Experience with multiple sports is advantageous.
* Commitment to a flexible schedule.
* Dependable work ethic.
* Energetic attitude and outgoing personality.

League Supervisors are responsible for any equipment pickup/setup and related needs for game-day operations and are usually an official for the league as well. Some promotional elements can be included at league activities.

Pay rate: $8-$15/hour / game / match. Extra pay for any setup needed.
Attendance bonuses possible for any referee/official working a perfect season.

Schedule requirements and info:
* Weeknights (starting around 5 or 6pm) and/or weekends (daytime or nighttime).
* Commit to weekly schedule of a particular league for duration of season.
* 2-6 hours per shift, pending day/sport/etc.
* 2-5 shifts per week requested.
* Multiple sports a plus.

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League / Tournament Coordinators and Directors

Basically, an extension of being a referee or league supervisor. League coordinators will be actively involved in all aspects of working with a particular sport, and following through to ensure a successful season.

Can also be customized for an internship position.

Responsibilities include but not limited to: * Assist in organizing all aspects of a sport for the entire season.
* Deal with scheduling, rules, standings, and possible "commissioner"-related duties.
* Recruitment and training of referees.
* Work with and also act as referee / league supervisor as well.
* Can work with multiple sports or specific sport only.
* Assisting in promotion of leagues in a variety of avenues.
* Cultivating leagues through recruitment of new teams and "free-agents".

Experience helpful, but not required, in any combination of these areas:
* Officiating /organizing any sports league or tournament.
* Customer service or sales-related position.
* Education and or related experience in recreational management field.

Pay rate: Hourly plus potential bonuses based on league sizes.
Schedule: Behind-the-scenes work can have flexible weekly schedule that would include days, nights and/or weekends. On-field operations are always weeknights and/or weekends. Depending on sports involved, can amount to 2-20 hours per week.

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Event Coordinator and Operations Team

Be a part of the biggest growth-area that MSC has to offer. A responsible, creative and organized individual is needed to help build the MSC Event Calendar.

COORDINATOR: Institute all organizational and promotional aspects of MSC events and trips. Create new events and also, build upon current, annual events such as the Birthday Bash, Reggae Cruise, Happy Hours, and more!!
* Set your own, flexible schedule based on the project at hand.
* Work with Event Operations Team at all MSC Events.
* Spare- or Part-time opportunity with hourly rate plus potential bonuses.

OPERATIONS TEAM: Spare-time opportunity. Individuals needed on an event-by-event basis to help at events and also assist in organization of events. Some volunteer work, and some hourly pay or bonuses (all depending upon event).

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Administrative Assistance / General Office

An immediate opening is available for a committed, dependable individual who can assist with general office responsibilities. Become a main cog in the MSC machine by assisting with many various aspects of day-to-day administrative needs. Can be combined with other positions.

Responsibilities include, but not limited to:
* General Office-related needs, including database work, mailings, miscellaneous
organization, customer-relations, employee records, filing, cleaning, etc.
* Essentially, a "jack-of-all-trades" in the office.
* Regular, weekly schedule needed, and can also be based on particular projects.
* Can be combined with accounting/bookkeeping position.
* Can also be combined with membership recruitment and/or advertising sales also.

Pay rate: Starts at $8 hourly.
Schedule: 10-20 hours per week. Daytime hours needed, can be combination of mornings or afternoons. Evening hours may also be included in the mix.

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Marketing and Promotions

Help MSC grow by being involved in various aspects of our "Grass-Roots" marketing initiative. We are constantly striving to cross-promote leagues, events and more among all different avenues. Work towards goals and objectives that will continue the growth of MSC.
* Experience in customer-relations and/or related marketing and promotions needed.
* Very flexible schedule needed.
* Establish new promotional ideas as well as building upon existing avenues.
* "Spare-time" opportunity, with an hourly rate plus potential bonuses.

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Advertising and Sponsorship Sales

Potentially one of the biggest opportunities through MSC, a qualified individual is needed to "take-the-bull-by-the-horns" and create new avenues of revenue for the bottom line of the business.
Previous sales and any related educational experience needed.

Responsibilities include but not limited to:
* Completely organizing and implementing a sales campaign for various promotional
outlets: (newsletter, web site, and league and event sponsorship).
* Manage own flexible schedule and set objectives with MSC's Executive Director.
* Very basic hourly rate, plus commission and potential bonus structure customized to position.
* Can be combined with another position, depending on various factors.

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Membership and Recruitment

An organized individual is needed to run MSC's membership program. This includes follow-through and retention of current membership base as well as recruitment of new members through new avenues. Creative, outgoing personality needed.
* Hourly rate plus potential bonus structure included.
* Complete management and updating of MSC database necessary.
* Spare-time or part-time position, with a very flexible schedule (days
and/or nights and/or weekends).
* Can be combined with another position, depending on various factors.

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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Work with the administrative side of the business and handle many aspects of MSC's accounting and finances. Work with CPA on everything from employee payroll to budgeting to taxes to accounts receivable.
* Set own schedule with a "spare-time" type job (2-5 hours per week or bi-weekly).
* Can possibly be combined with other available positions.
* Accounting / Bookkeeping experience necessary.
* Knowledge of Quickbooks Pro helpful, but not necessary.

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